Film Micrœview #50: Bronson (2008)

01.26.2014 § Leave a comment


Rating: Bad.

I’m on to you, Refn. You can’t just turn off diegetic sound, put things in slo-mo, and blast some 80’s music and expect things to be automatically profound (got enough of that with Dolan’s Heartbeats last week). It can’t cover up for the incoherency of this portrayal. I get that he’s playing to an imaginary audience, that their awkward silence indicates how bad of an artist he is, that he wants to express himself but is too immature to overcome that he has nothing to say. I get that there are some political (Thatcher, prison system) and sexual themes (failed relationships with women, seems to only be able to bond with effeminate men) in here as well but nothing comes together. He sees himself as his artwork and his body is the main thing people appreciate him for, what it is and what it can do. Big deal. Wishes it was the next Clockwork Orange.


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