Dream 351: フェニックス立ちぬ

05.03.2014 § Leave a comment

I’m on a space station. Elevators lead up to the enclosed sky. The pentagonal city grid respects the integrated man-made nature. Pendulums hang from arcs along each block; one in five arcs are completely underground.

A Stanford reunion is held in an auditorium. The seating area is divided into three parts by two paths from the back to front. The French House and Enchanted Broccoli Forest folks are all together in the left section, and all alone. The middle and right sections are much more crowded for whatever reason. I’m sitting in the middle, where I receive a vision of my childhood with a rainbowy filter on it.

I’m at screening of a Miyazaki film. Miyazaki himself is to be in attendance, though we’re all concerned since he flaked on us last time. He flakes this time, too. I announce to the audience that the screening is moving to Miyazaki’s private residence instead — I can only get a few people (Karin included) there to meet and hang out with him.

His movie is about a Phoenix stepping up to the plate. The Stanford auditorium is now — instead of looking up at a stage or movie screen — angled down into a baseball field. The pitch goes up the Phoenix’s egg chute. The Phoenix can fly again, and fly it does, all over the stadium, shining in the sunset.

Now I’m walking through the space station. It’s like living in a mall, and everyone is wearing costumes and I’m like why the fuck are you all doing this? It’s not Halloween, it’s January, and they’re all rudely like this guy doesn’t know why we’re wearing costumes and then I overhear something about ballet and sure enough up ahead the next wing of the mall there’s a ballet parade coming, so I start mocking ballet and this mockery was only going to be in passing but it turns out that I feel pretty good about my performance of mock-ballet so I keep at it and I end up on security camera TV and become internet famous for 15 seconds and everyone is calling me an asshole and the negative attention just fuels me on.


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