Dream 354: Uber

05.24.2014 § Leave a comment

Karin is laying in bed between myself and Notorious B.I.G. The latter rolls on top of her, squishing her, trying to make out with her. I must defend her honor and pick a fight with him.

I’m walking home and have called an Uber. I’m in one of those mazes of three-highway intersections and he’s stopped on a different platform than me which would probably take longer for me to get to than to just finish walking home (at least it would expend less mental energy). I’m trying to explain to him how he would do the reverse, that is, drive from where he’s gotten himself to where I am, but it’s taking forever and getting really exhausting. By the time he gets it, we’re sitting in the back of a limo together, but our time together has elapsed and he’s charged me for the ride.

Now I’m walking home in the back of this limo, smoothly sliding slowly through the neighborhood at dusk. I finally get to appreciate how beautiful some of these brick-roofed homes are. I look on my glowing rectangle and pick out a track to listen to: Longitude, in four equidurational parts, by the rightful heir to Georg Friedrich Haas’s aesthetic throne.


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