Film Micrœview #79: Archie’s Final Project (2009)

05.24.2014 § Leave a comment

Rating: Good.

I was surprised at how well this movie worked. The two principal actors were convincing, however unfortunately arrayed they were by overplaying adults. The writing made some great choices — this is a film, I believe, that will be seen as “legit” by audiences in the same world as the characters — it does not feel like it made by “grown-ups”, and all in good ways. The rapid-fire, scatter-brained kid-style is sustained, somehow, though it’s not particularly enjoyable in-and-of-itself, and I would say detracts from the clarity of the deeper issues — but would this be the movie it is if it wasn’t on that level rather than mine, I mean? I appreciated the character of the on-the-level therapist and that in the end it was not him but the poet who spoke the wisest words. Not quite sure how I feel about the editing trick toward the end, confusing a heartfelt funeral… but the final conclusion was perfect and a perfect example of how this feels like a true slice of the kind of life that I went through, anyway.


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