Dream 357: Walk, Don’t Run

06.14.2014 § Leave a comment

I’m walking around the neighborhood at night when I see a loose dog running around all crazed, dragging its leash behind it, apparently having given its owner the slip. First problem is how long the lease was: it can give the dog about a third of a block of slack. This dog, maybe a cross between a chihuahua and a golden retriever, is in that crazed state where it’s not really like it’s going to hurt anyone, you just can’t calm it down at all, it is so overwhelmedly lost and in need of something that it can’t override its impulses to go, go, go.

I grab the leash and try to save him, but it’s not easy — if I don’t give him slack, he’ll asphyxiate himself, but if I keep giving him slack (since I can’t run as fast) then he’ll keep getting further ahead of me and with that much slack it could get run over or something. I also want to reel him in so I can make sure he checks out each and every door: less because I don’t expect that he’ll be able to identify the right door when we reach his home, but more because I don’t want him to think that I have any other intent here besides bringing him straight home.

My maneuvering is a success. When we get to the dog’s door, it says “YES” in a really low, gruff, human voice, and starts scratching the door.

Now I’m playing a jogging video game. It isn’t even VR, not even Wii-level, I’m just pushing on a control pad (not even a stick! we’re talking like 8 total degrees of motion). I’m going over and over the same park path, looping counterclockwise. I keep wondering when I get to the top elevation-wise, to the sidewalk (as opposed to the dirt nature path), should I start going clockwise into the squared-off blocks of the neighboring neighborhood, and get some new, suburban scenery? But I keep deciding No, I’ll just stick to what I know.

Without warning the game glitches out and all I can see is some Google Maps like beige and tan grid with no landmarks, so I’m running blind. I decide to keep going for it, to see just how well I know the shape of this course by now, having chosen to go over and over it’s windy organic contour. I’m going and going and going. I haven’t run head on into any trees or benches or bushes yet. It’s getting to the point where I can’t hardly believe it — there’s no way I could know it this well and/or get this lucky. So I throw my hands up and just floor it, running top speed, not even trying anymore, just like, staying a vague curve that would match the overall course, like rounding it to a circle.

I BUST INTO AND DISCOVER SECRET ROOM! Inside there are tons of items and power-ups stacked like cannonballs. One of them are those like cliche trapezoidal prism weights with the handles on top and white lettering on the side for the number of pounds, but in this case they actually represent resistance, as if a setting on an elliptical at the gym. There are some other items whose function for this game are less clear, like jacks and Batman pows. Most excitingly, I acquire a gun, which is really weird, because isn’t this a medieval-level tech world?

There’s also a wooden ramp with a dozen or so adjustable sliders. The sliders control rhythm and pitch. You can turn on this ramp and water runs down it, performing the music you’ve composed with the sliders, like a customizable music box. I shoot the ramp! Two of my old coworkers, Gabriel and Ballard, walk out from around the other side of the ramp. Ballard is talking about how he just got a new job at Twitter. I‘m wondering whether I should shoot either of them next.


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