Dream 358: Zboz Tcan

06.21.2014 § Leave a comment

I’m proud to be the first one to tell this big group of black people about Michael Jackson’s cameo in this new movie parodying an old Disney animated classic. He appears in a musical number, one parodying a song which in the original Disney had blatantly ripped off one of MJ’s own tracks, and he totally could have sued them for shizzillions of dollars but was the bigger man and let it slide — so his participation in this reference to it has a lot of reflexive rhetorical potency. Moreover, since the Disney movie was primary a kids movie, he’s using this as a platform to address the molestation allegations. All in all it’s a bold move by him. The group of black people are listening politely — I’m not telling the story very well. How old is MJ now anyway? He looked really old, like 60’s — and back to looking more black again. Laughs and guesses at younger numbers.

Why, in hotels, is it okay to go into the elevator in an emergency? That’s definitely a stairway type of situation in general.

A really old man and a transexual share some deeply sad but sweet sex. They can’t stop checking with each other, disclaiming their performance and appearance.


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