Dream 359: Hooliganry

06.28.2014 § Leave a comment

Loitering at a street corner, a side street a half-block away from Mission, up a steepish hill, when I witness a famous graffiti artist at work. He walks past us on the side street, crosses 1xth and turns onto it (on the far sidewalk) toward Mission. His canvas is a black and yellow design from a previous artist. He paints some hand shapes wavering over spirals on top of it in white. It’s mocking startup culture, via reference to a vintage website’s animation, which we all get and appreciate. Trina says he’s cute in person, too.

I consider suggesting that we add to his work by putting on gloves and spray painting white outlines of our hands, but decide that would be dumb. I do share my idea to nail our hands to the wall and then saw them off, before realizing that this idea would be much improved by gluing rather than nailing our hands first. It’s much more suspenseful storytelling that way.

We’re camping out of town and have run out of supplies, so I’ve gone to the grocery store to pick up some breakfast cereal. The first cereal aisle contains only variations on Quaker toasted oatmeal with freeze-dried blueberries. This is one of those aisles that has an opening in the middle to the next aisle (you don’t have to go all the way to one end or the other) but it’s a narrow opening and a mom and her 10 year old are standing right next to it on the other side — I try to squeeze past them but I’m walking like a moron (pretending I’m skateboarding) and bump shoulders a bit. I apologize as I keep going. This second aisle is only half for cereal and none of it is good.

At the front of the grocery store I find a bin full of used graph paper pads. I pick one up on my way to the bathroom. Flipping through it, I think, hey, this kid had similar taste to me as a kid! But when I reach the water fountain I realize wait a second this IS mine. That’s my hovercraft, my beast, my melody, my Magic card idea, etc.

The middle, empty triangle of the Triforce expands, pushing the three corner triangles apart. As it does, smaller triangles begin to emerge from the corner triangles, partially growing out of points while also flipping around as if having been folded onto the backs of them, until the three corner triangles are now rhombuses with acute points meeting in the center. And now the original corner triangles fold back around the same direction to the back so we are left with an inverse Triforce, like so:

inverse triforce

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