Film Micrœview #94: The Lego Movie (2014)

07.07.2014 § Leave a comment

The Lego Movie

SPACESHIP!!! For the record, seeing this “1980-Something Space Man” instilled nostalgia pangs in me the likes of which I don’t think I have ever felt in my life. Playing with this Lego man may just be the oldest memory I have ever recovered. My heart feels bigger for having returned there. Thank you, Lego Movie.

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

The animation alone was incredible. Extreme attention to detail (the printed-on face paint had depth when characters turned aside). CG simulating stop motion. Physically irrational bouncing acceleration, check. Low depth of field capturing tinyness. Ambiguous imagination of child. Lego-simulated explosions, flowing water tick, tick, ticking in time. Why the FUCK would anyone bother with some Transformers bullshit when you have action sequences with choreography and reflexiveness like this? (+1 for the Independence Day reference)

The message alone was incredible. Sure, a bit of a rehash of The Matrix with the whole bullshit prophecy “believe” bullshit. But insofar as this is a parable for reconciling individualism and collectivism, I can’t stress enough how important it could be for kids to see this and get the picture. Radical confirmation, everything is awesome, everyone is special — even or especially if what you do doesn’t work or is pointless, if you remember that you’re part of a team and respect and embrace that, you’re on the right track. Malleability (glue to hold pieces in place = evil). The world NEEDS this now.

The story alone was incredible. The relationship between this father and son was original and touching. The extent to which the story within that story was cliched was thoroughly self-aware. I felt the energy of the story being told by an 8-year-old high on life, and it never got old. I was excited, laughed my ass off, and nearly cried.

The voice acting alone was incredible. Will Farrell, Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Charlie Day, Liam Neeson, ’nuff said. The music by Mark Mothersbaugh and the rapping by The Lonely Island also great.

The details alone were incredible. When someone told me that the movie was good for adults, I guess I was thinking something more like Shrek. I think they meant that it got both parents as well as younger adults like myself! We’re talking more like voice commands to deactivate a shield jokes relating to Siri. And “President Business” owning all history books and voting machines. Coffee being $37 and people eating it up. Pop music being mandated. Batman being a bro who “needs to feel free to party with total strangers at any time”, as well as a “brooding artist”.


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