Dream 361: Adulthood

07.11.2014 § Leave a comment

It’s a blend of Karin and I’s condo and each of our parents’ houses. It’s much nicer seeming even than any of these three, but really shoddy around the edges. It’s atop a hill with breathtaking views, but some floor-to-ceiling windows jutting-out boxes of rooms are such that you can see into your neighbor’s one too, which is totally not cool (why would you build townhouses on top of a hill in the middle of nowhere anyway?) Then you’ll be exploring the expanse of your property and you’ll come across an area that just has a terrible draft because it’s like, not insulated, it’s just planks of rotting wood thrown together haphazardly, like it was built in early medieval times by desperate people who couldn’t give a shit.

A turkey has somehow broken in and is gobbling about. I stick my parents’ yellow lab Mae on it. The chase around and around our Christmas tree begins. No progress can be made — it’s an interminable dance of death. Lucy, their black lab, is nowhere to be found, not responding to my calls. Lucy could get this done. Mae is just lazy and inept. As soon as I call it off, we notice another big bird in the house, some kind of giant quail or something. I’ve given up, but Karin asks whether I thought about the fact that the birds are just going to go around shitting all over everything. I guess I hadn’t. Well no wonder the birds got in, one of our doors is just like left completely ajar.

I have to return this rental semi truck eventually but I am really not looking forward to it.

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