Film Micrœview #105: Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

07.15.2014 § Leave a comment

Hannah and Her SistersRating: Good.

What was perhaps most striking about Hannah and Her Sisters, for me, is the happiness several of its characters experience. Caine’s character doesn’t earn it; delusional and idiotic, he only glimpses it, a masturbatory rush. Allen and Wiest work hard for theirs, and in the end nothing can take it apart.

The film was structurally thorough and tout. Typical Allen with the erudite references. Di Palma was an interesting pairing which paid off — I particularly liked the circling camera at the “climactic” lunch scene with the three sisters.

Von Sydow’s character was also a fascinating foil: avoiding confrontation and participation with the world’s struggles, and becoming brittle and easily broken in that. Farrow as the titular Hannah was thought-provoking as a non-character — one wonders if, as many of the characters wonder, she is in fact “too perfect” to be worth telling stories about. Or would the characters around her be too utterly disastrous without her to be interesting?


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