Dream 362: Corn and Beets

07.19.2014 § Leave a comment

In an alternate ending to the original Star Wars trilogy, Luke battles his way to the edge of the galaxy, to reach a fiercely guarded Empire technology: a Galaxy Escape Pod, which looks like a spindly robot bulbophyllum, and allows you to leave the galaxy for another one. He makes it, blasts off, and lands in a bowl of borscht on Earth, in our galaxy, and not so long ago now: 1942. Everyone is on WWII rations and it quickly becomes clear that Luke is LUCAS’S FATHER.

We’re at an Indian karaoke and buffet. Unfortunately someone took the last of the baby corn and beet bharta. The door man seems to recognize me so I just move right past the line inside. It’s day time and there are no doors on this stucco building. Linus is asleep in our room, the only one left, racking up our bill with overtime — one expensive hotel room.

An infographic comes up about how marijuana is the #1 thing cash is spent on now, with people ages 18-25 now spending an average of $2000 a day in cash on it. The infographic shows a bunch of kids as if at a massive music festival but it’s a corn festival. Y’all like cornbread?

I’ve missed match my shades to my Radiohead Amnesiac t-shirt and Sauce Labs hoodie. They both have red and yellow in them. I only have red, white, and blue shades. I default to the white but I should have worn the red this time. Goddamnit!


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