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How has this not been made as one of those stupid sexy-violence-magical-period-intrigue television shows yet?

Pirates sail into a vampire cave. Pirate legends and vampire legends intermingle. Both sides get flamboyant androgynous vintage clothes.

You could even have merwolves: amalgams of these two groups’ typical animal-aspect companions… though it’s not immediately clear whether they would be fish or wolves half of the time or halfway physically.


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    Lauren suggests that the vampires should be zombie vampires insofar as they suck blood only from brains. Given that coconut water matches the electrolyte levels of saline and can thus be administered intravenously, one could have directly traceable coconut material crossing the blood barrier in the brain (cocobrain). And given that the diet of folks around this tropical (Caribbean — how else would the pirates find them) cave where the vampires live, perhaps they are like Marceline-style insofar as they don’t really need blood as much as some other substance found readily in blood — in Marceline’s case, the color red, in these zombie vampires’ case, coconut. It’s funny enough to combine zombies’ cravings for brains with vampires’ cravings for blood, plus it’s just a nice image to have a vampire biting instead of into someone’s neck, biting into one body part away: straight into the skull.

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