Film Micrœview #108: Les Amants du Pont-Neuf (1991)

07.20.2014 § Leave a comment

Les Amants du Pont-Neuf


Rating: Good.

This is one of the most unusually romantic movies I have ever seen.

I’m going through Carax’s movies backwards — I saw Holy Motors, and then Pola X, and now this. I know by now that I won’t ever have too clear of an idea where his story is going. A number of plots and styles bubble up and just float away here:

  1. the sequence where they go around drugging folks and robbing them
  2. the Hans subplot (she wanted it to be him who wrote her the note, and he’s the non-possessive one), but he just plops in the water right on the edge of the streetlight’s reflection
  3. the intrigue of her backstory, a friggin’ murder
  4. her eyesight and artistic career / his artistic career

I suppose the only constant was that these two were falling in love.

The structure was fascinating. It starts out in total grunge and doom. A little before halfway in there’s a burst of revelry. And the better part of the remainder is getting over a hangover. Reality setting in. And yet they grow and change and did themselves out of the muck. I was touched by its beauty.

And man oh man is this a physical, profilmic experience. These actors are incredible and bold.

Finally, it bears repeating that Carax is a master of visual poetry. Every shot, every cut is invested with such passion and thought, it’s equally exhilarating and exhausting to watch.


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