Film Micrœview #110: Boy Meets Girl (1984)

07.23.2014 § Leave a comment

Boy Meets Girl

Rating: Shrug.

For me, this film was too close to what I fear a typical American images an art house French experimental romance film to be. Black and white, excessively to the point of ironically self-aware dialog, and a bunch of inexplicable elliptical ornamentation. Apparently Carax weaned himself off the Godard as he grew up.

I enjoy how much interconnectedness Carax’s films have. The bridge with the semicircular seat. The name Alex. Orphans. Subway suicide. Driving. Poetic introductory opening sequences. David Bowie.
And there especially seems to be stuff going on with sensory lapses. The random “blinks” where the screen goes blank. In LAdPN Binoche has a patch over one eye and is going blind; here a character is going deaf in one ear. A character gets his voice dubbed over. Characters in many films are surreally silent. Ventriloquy in MS, and the offscreen wondering whether the goon made Alex look or not. Slight mishearings leading to epic reveals.
I admit I don’t get the ending. It certainly has something to do with the ambiguation of suicide/death, his “first” murder attempt as he records it on his hidden Paris map, his explanation of deja vu as “memory of the present” (if only because it’s repeated twice), and whatever that tangle of stuff with that murder toward the beginning is (it turns out to be the friend, but that woman who was a stranger to that man might be the woman who cheated on him with because she wore the same gingham as him because she left a scrap behind? or is it all ambiguous?)

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