Dream 364: Chicken Punch

08.04.2014 § Leave a comment

I’m inside a valley of chocolate-colored rolling hills, with yellowy green, somewhat pale, slightly sparse, shortish grass. The sky is completely overcast, relatively dark, with linings discernible and more steely than silvery.

Living in this valley are five enormous patches of birds. I’m nearby one and the other four are in various directions in the distance. I can see that each patch is more or less the same as mine.

There are five types of birds that live in this patch, all with the same drab taupe coloration, and nothing striking about them characteristically, though they do all exhibit at least one distinguishing corporeal proportionality (longer neck, stouter feet, more fanned tail, etc), or distinctive familiar bird feature (caruncles, crests, bill, etc).

And their sizes conform perfectly to unit-incremented cubes, that is, so that the smallest fits in a 1x1x1, the next smallest in a 2x2x2, and so on up to the largest in a 5x5x5. Their commonness is also cubically proportional, but inversely so: the biggest is the rarest, such that each type has the same biomass.

There is no variation within each type of bird, as if they are all clones.

I want to fight one of the big ones, but they only hang out in the middle of the patch; there appears to be some falloff in likelihood of bigger types occurring as one approaches the edges of a patch from the inside. One does not simply wade into a patch of these birds, however — they’re wary of admitting new members to their fold (who might disrupt the biologeometrical purity) so unless you really ease yourself in they get rather flighty.

Once inside, though I’m alright. I can do whatever I want. I’ve been accepted. Birds just shuffle out of my way. I go up to one of the big birds, which I can see now is basically just a giant chicken with a velociraptor head. To be clear, this is not a chicken with a raptor head: it has a chicken head as a chicken; I suppose you could say that considered independently its head is that of a raptor’s.

I punch this chicken in the face.


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