Film Micrœview #125: Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1991)

08.24.2014 § Leave a comment

Terminator 2 Judgement Day

Rating: Shrug.

The Terminator series deserves praise for at least recognizing interesting issues about what makes man different from machine. In fact, this probably my third time watching T2 and I’m only just this time realizing how the generative time travel loop thing works with the man vs machine war: if we can alter the future, free will, then reality is like man; if we cannot, determinism, then reality is like machine. T1 introduces the generative loop idea whereby Kyle conceives the man he is meant to protect the birth of, and T2 extends this by having the scientist responsible for the machines being inspired by a scrap of the machine which was sent back to kill. So perhaps in a way that self-eating loop is like a creator God. In T2 the pendulum swings toward it being possible to break the cycle — in T3 we will see the opposite.

I sometimes have trouble believing or accepting what the Terminators do — doesn’t seem too machinelike. And there are a number of plot holes and annoying oversights. A lot of indulgence in the CG set pieces. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing screenplay — whoever came up with this whole set up needs an award.

Arnold is amazing. See above.

It is sad that they took the score from 13/8 to 12/8. But I still find the mechanical breathing/heartbeat part of the score genius and always gets my adrenaline up.


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