Film Micrœview #127: The Fly (1986)

08.25.2014 § Leave a comment

The Fly

Rating: Shrug.

The Fly reminded me of Alien. Indeed it came out the same year. The nightmare of the pupa birth in particular, the revulsion and confusion about the reproductive process. Different vibes though. The Fly is more personal, and more to do with the human emotional approach to sexuality (puberty, malehood) as well as man’s folly, but something felt missing.

Well, it’s hard to explain. Not strictly missing because part of what this movie is is the unexplained, the random, the uninvited, the nonsensical intruding. We don’t know what to do with this fly thing that has been introduced to our lives. The movie doesn’t quite seem to know what to do with it either, leading to sequences being drawn-out and forgettable. True, the whole time you can’t shake this unease, which confusingly feels like the film’s intended effect. So I’m not sure if maybe the idea of the project itself just inherently sets itself up to not be able to live up to a normal story’s standards? In which case it’s right? And I mean I’m not disputing that the movie should end anywhere other than where it does, nor am I suggesting that the Fly phase is indulgent for Cronenbergian body horror showpieces either. I guess I’m just expressing my confusing feelings about whether it would be right to try to draw any further connection between insects and the work Brundle was doing before, or if it’s exactly that lacking connection that we’re meant to feel.

It gets a little too Videodrome-y when Goldblum puts on the bomber jacket and takes to the streets like a madman raving about flesh.

The supporting character of the ex-boyfriend was so one-dimensional and unlikable.



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