Film Micrœview #133: The Zero Theorem (2014)

09.15.2014 § Leave a comment

Rating: Bad.

I was obligated to watch this, as its in the same group with Brazil and Twelve Monkeys. But it has jumped the shark. The movie was uninspired, cheesy, overwrought, repetitive, tedious, unfunny, obnoxious. It was all style, no substance, dimensionless (and yet in some ways didn’t go far enough… with too low a budget to really portray its vision). And also yet so superficially similar to these earlier films that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t written by Gilliam.

Characters were awfully drawn — pathetically self conscious (“I’m too young to understand that”, “I don’t have daddy issues because” type stuff). They were more plot devices than people — what they do is not in their nature — so inconsistent. I was offended that the only real woman character was a prostitute cliche, like a fantasy being stroked. The whole film, really, was masturbatory, as if something intellectual or cultural had actually been addressed. Of course the film itself overtly adds up to nothing, since the message is that it’s the journey not the destination… but was it worth it?

At least it’s not pretentious, it’s just silly. Hence it doesn’t earn my evil rating. But it’s still my least favorite Gilliam movie ever.


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