Film Micrœview #142: One False Move (1992)

09.23.2014 § Leave a comment

One False Move

Rating: Shrug.

I watched this because DFW mentioned it as influenced by David Lynch. Guess so. Ended up being more interested in its racial politics, epitomized in the overnight sequence just before the climax — mostly feels true to the characters and not directly to any broader rhetoric. Climax itself with the extreme dutch tilts, extreme parallel editing, none of which was motivated, was a little meh — other than that, the muted style was better suited. (Also, the actual final shot faded out a little suddenly and awkwardly. I get that the story ends there, but it was just… somewhat off). Billy Bob did a good job writing — clever use of juxtaposing statements true in essence against false in reality or vice versa — but he only did an okay job acting this one.

Def get a John Sayles vibe from this, certainly a Lone Star type vibe, not surprising since both learned from Roger Corman.

I’m happy to see that Siskel and Ebert played a big role in this film getting the audience it deserved (having just seen Life Itself).


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