Dream 372: Acumen

09.28.2014 § Leave a comment

I’ve noticed that the paths twisting up the circuit of hills to the mansion at the top form a Turing-machine-like program. For instance, the cement sidewalk forks off into a brick pathway at a specific cement square. I’m showing this off to software engineer Archie, who seems truly interested, but not necessarily impressed… I am, after all, faking at a much deeper understanding here.

I really like this editing studio job I’m applying for. It’s time to ask the boss about salary, but his other assistant is in the main room with us, so we sneak off into a little side room/closet. I tell him I’m looking for something in the $70-$80k range, and he says oh boy, you know that I run this operation on donation money, I can only afford to pay you $10-11k. He starts rambling and I interrupt him to tell him that’s fine, I’ll have to find another full time job but I’d still like to do work on occasion for him and stay connected.

Now we’re in a massive indoor arena with a herd of deer. He’s teaching me how if we work like a pair of dolphins we can trick their flocking instincts and catch one. He demonstrates, stabbing and killing one. My turn. I stab mine in the fluffy tail, not killing it, and lift it above my head and start spinning it around like a helicopter blade, torturing it. The deer don’t take well to this and exact their revenge. And they don’t do it by simply trampling me — they turn the tables on me, cornering me in a way which leaves me feeling intellectually trumped. They lift me up where no amount of squirming and kicking can save me, and that’s when I know I’m a goner. They place me atop a pedestal in the center of the room and mill around it angrily — I can’t hop down or I’ll be impaled. They’re just biding their time, trying to decide how best to taste their retribution. The editing boss man wriggles his way through the throng up to me.


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