Film Micrœview #147: Rosetta (1999)

10.04.2014 § Leave a comment


Rating: Shrug.

Bursts out of the gates with physical violence and never lets up. This movie shares more in common with a survival film than a typical drama — it is simply an emotional survival film (I read that the Dardennes themselves have considered it a WAR film). Rosetta is brutal and pragmatic, but at the core she preserves sympathy for others. I read a review that compared it to a documentary of a fictional character — an apt description, given the natural lighting, shaky cam, and ritualistic repetition of menial daily life.

For me, there wasn’t enough to latch onto. I appreciate that Rosetta doesn’t want to let me into her world, and Dequenne indeed did a great job preventing that. I feel her pain, basically. Technically, rhythmically, the film is perfectly put together. But other than the scene when she speaks to herself in bed, alternating perspectives on herself, this film is too short on ideas for me to love it (either that or stuck in a simple political/economic idea). Definitely a film of the body, not the mind — and as for the heart — I’m kind of on the fence whether it succeeded.


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