Film Micrœview #155: Syndromes and a Century (2006)

10.24.2014 § Leave a comment

Syndromes and a Century


Syndromes and a Century 2


Rating: Good.

Man, again, I just have to include multiple screenshots for this one.

Honestly, I couldn’t tell that the two halves were apart in time, though I suspected it, given the title (even though there’s no way they could be an entire century apart). The repetition with variation is provocative and entrancing.

This one didn’t get under my skin quite the same way that Uncle Boonmee did. But this recurring “hip monk” character is fascinating. I love how AW’s characters are often built out of contradictions, characters that don’t fit neatly into their roles. The doctor who is also a country singer is another great example of this, and the interactions between these two form such a fascinating inversion. That along with the monk reverse-diagnosing his Western-style doctor.

What’s incredible about AW’s work is that even as it doesn’t quite make sense, it’s not frustrating. You feel in a warm, honest embrace. Themes of reincarnation, remembrance, and self-actualization are enough to hold it together.


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