Film Micrœview #158: Blade Runner (1982)

10.27.2014 § Leave a comment

Blade Runner

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

You guys, first of all, Blade Runner is set 5 years from now, in “November, 2019”. Crazy.

Liquid Sky came out the same year as Blade Runner. That crazy foofy blond with crazy eye/face makeup style musta been all the rage back then.

Seriously, though, the commitment to the fire/water/smoke/mist is amazing. This is one of the most visceral futures ever attained. No one else but Ridley Scott seems to be able to use non-humans to speak to our humanity so pointedly and passionately. Rutger Hauer, in particular, does an incredible job bringing to life the psychoemotional complex of an instantly-adult, 4-year-lifespan, implanted memory’d being.

I guess I’m not quite sure what the idea with all the Japanese stuff is, but it works for me.


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