Film Micrœview #159: The Terminator (1984)

10.27.2014 § Leave a comment

The TerminatorRating: Shrug.

Wow, I didn’t remember The Terminator as being so hilariously low budget. It’s got a charming student filmy feel to it, such as punching in on a close-up of Sarah Connor’s time card when she clocks in as a waitress, to confirm her name matches what the Terminator looked up in the phone book.

T2 is much, much better of a movie. Arnold here is like, doing a mean robot. His walk is weird, floaty, janky, and his facial performance inconsistent too. Also, yikes, he shaves his eyebrows partway through!

Also, Bill Paxton is the first guy he kills at the beginning! (Lots of other folks from Aliens in here too)

Also, the movie takes place on a single night, and it’s my birthday (May 12th 1984).

Some moments are just off, like the low angle handheld on Sarah’s roommate, or the “Fuck You Asshole” menu selection.

The music is still freaking awesome, though.



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