Dream 378: Vacuous Drowning

11.07.2014 § Leave a comment

I’m on top of a 30-story building. It’s pouring. The world is flooding. The water level is at the 28th story and rapidly rising. The top of this building is not flat — for some parts, the highest story is the 29th. I’m dawdling and don’t realize until it’s too late that the last door back inside the building is on the 29th floor part, and now that the water level has risen past the 29th floor, if you open the door (trap door style, straight down through the floor/ceiling) then the essentially infinite amount of water above that elevation will now rush in and flood whatever continuous rooms (without shut doors) are immediately beyond it. That is, the inside of the building is not flooded necessarily — it might be safe — but now that I’ve waited this long, I’m going to have to wait for however big the continuous rooms beyond the door to flood until I will not have to fight the resistance of the inward flood in order to close the door behind me, then hold my breath and swim through however far that continuousness is until I find a door to outside it, open that, and repeat that process until I spread the flooding within the building to a large enough area such that there is space above the water for me to get my head into so I can breathe. But the problem I didn’t foresee is that what I would leave behind when this water spread was not air but a vacuum — so I still can’t breathe!!!


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