Dream 381: Lone Braid Hee

11.26.2014 § Leave a comment

Five different kinds of bean pillows, all with different properties w/r/t time fluctuations, all which make sense.

The bricks of the building have slowly been coalescing, hidden on the roof, into a massive deadly dragon, an avatar of Ray Kurzweil, the villain.

The dragon form is eventually defeated using a mad genius combination of the pillow properties.

The final confrontation at the rim of the pit of doom comes down to a bare fisted contest between Kurzweil and his arch nemesis, Larry David.

The twist ending of the movie is that time had been running in reverse the entire time, and neither good nor evil had suspected it. Sort of an entropy joke.

I’m drawing therapods stretched out vertically such that their total heights correspond to the height of sauropods with necks raised. Their heads poke out just above the forest canopy and/or cloud line.

My brother asks me why I’ve downloaded pictures of boobs. It’s because I was modeling the dinosaurs after them, of course.

A Mexican laborer is digging up stones out of our across-the-street neighbor’s stone patch in order to replenish the bricks that went missing after being subsumed into the Kurzweil dragon. They’re the same red as the bricks so I guess close enough.  I wonder aloud whether it’s proper for us to just take from our neighbors like this. The laborer says sure it’s fine.

I’m getting my haircut now inside my neighbor’s house/salon. My neighbor is also Mexican. We get to talking about California history. I say I wish I knew more but I grew up in Texas and it has it’s own interesting history w/r/t Mexico. I think I’m bonding until his wife interrupts that he doesn’t speak English well.

I’m heading out of the salon with Nelson and Andrej. Everything is made of red brick. We comment on the patterns in the bricks, almost like a computer program. Someone shouts at Nelson and he awkwardly evades the invitation to his party since he’s already going to something with me tonight.

Down a red brick alley, it begins to rain in an extremely intense but targeted way. But also from two different directions. It’s almost like a micro-rain battle, which results in a vortex in the middle which depending on which side is winning moves around, back and forth. It’s kind of like those battles between good and evil where both sides are shooting an energy stream at each other and in the middle is a ball of canceling-out.


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