(P)rœview #1: Jurassic World (2015)

11.26.2014 § Leave a comment

At the end it looks like the raptors are trained like dolphins, and are working with the guy like a pack of dogs to hunt the monster. That could be awesome — always a good move to make bad guys good in sequels a la Terminator.

Also, I spy a Mosasaurus, though it’s like impossibly huge. How could that thing possibly have enough room to inhabit a contained body of water on an island? I bet that’s how they ultimately dispatch the Godzilla they make though (notice the 2014 Godzilla scream sampled twice).

It’s interesting that they chose not to update the look of the dinosaurs to our present understanding with feathers — seems like they’ll lose out on the dinosaur enthusiast dollar that way — don’t all kids know that these days? What is the state of dinosaur education? Apparently not as important as marketing continuity. I had thought this was enough of a reboot that they’d be okay to work that sort of change in.

Clearly this movie is not going to be populated with unforgettable characters…

Finally, if the main monster is a genetically modified beast, then they’ve undone what’s uniquely magical about JP: that these things actually once stalked the earth. It may as well be any other monster movie. Whatever.

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