Dream 382: Laser Free Gay May Day

12.05.2014 § Leave a comment

Unbeknownst to most besides San Francisco historians, our great city by the bay was was originally conceived by a group of eight electrical engineers as a community “of lasers, by lasers, for lasers.” By their design, San Francisco might have seemed to us today more like a futuristic Koopa Castle than a contemporary metropolis. Each member of this group of EE graduates — self-styled as the “New Republic” — was assassinated before their plan could come to fruition.
Wait a second … you do realize we’re in flashback right now, right? We don’t know this yet. Ugh, okay, cut! Cut, cut!
I’m watching this in a strange sort of auditorium: a dark wooden cottage corridor of a room, with chairs set up against the paneled walls, only one door in, on the other side of the room in the center of one of the long walls. The screen floats, half-translucent, in the center of the room, and people look at it from either side, and also into each other’s eyes. My friends on the other side indicate that my pants are missing, and also sitting next to a child. Is someone trying to sabotage me?
Apple Inc. has bought their way into the World Cup. They are the only non-nation entity in the history of the sport with a team in competition. Their team is called “OPC”.

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