Dream 383: Fez Log

02.21.2015 § Leave a comment

Calvin has made a short film about the founding of Facebook. His strategy was to gather three of his closest friends and simply talk about whatever they felt like talking about for four hours a day, seven days a week, here in this free public access building in Palo Alto where the film is being screened for us. You can see, in period clothing, Calvin, Art, and the other two founding members of Facebook.

This is the room in PA that Maya still likes to come to to work sometimes.

Now I’m screening my own short film about a time Michelle and I’s paths crossed at a chicken restaurant in Eudora, CA. She’s sitting there watching, but is acting dumb about the film. I have to remind her that she was there too at the time this happened, at the time it was filmed.

A black door opening, twice as high as it is wide, is 1/4th of the way sunk into the ground, such that I’m not even sure Gomez can fit through. But I hear from female voices that if you can make it inside, “You can do anything you want.”

One skgremble of something.


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