Dream 391: Miss Hit

04.19.2015 § Leave a comment

I’m browsing around online when I come across the fact that Mississippi is now part of China. This seems completely crazy to me so I look further into it. No, it’s not a joke. It wasn’t sold all at once. China gradually moved in and all the Americans from Mississippi moved out. Now China has been establishing all of these cooperative institutions between Chinese Mississippi and these various nearby states.

I’m an American woman in Mississippi. I’m drunk, as is this guy who’s a combination of Karin and my brother. He’s trying to get me to sleep with him, but I’m not interested. So I’m stumbling away and he’s getting angrier and angrier. I see a penny on the ground, well more like a piece of a penny inside a cinder block, and pick it up. At the point that I’m more interested in pennies than discussing sex with this guy any further, he takes out a knife and begins slicing the webs between my fingers. Despite the searing pain, I keep going, letting him discover the flaw of his ways for himself, as he continues to grapple me and slice my webbing. At the point he escalates to chopping my fingers off after I find another penny, though, I have to fight back.


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