Film Micrœview #191: Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten (2014)

05.03.2015 § Leave a comment

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

I didn’t walk into this film expecting to enjoy the music. I thought it would be merely material derivative of American pop from the same period. But I was wrong. I can’t wait for the soundtrack to come out – I basically want to have every song played in this movie.

I admire the tone and craft of this film, and the approach the filmmakers have taken toward its creation and distribution. I was lucky enough to see a screening attended by the director and producer, who gave a brief Q&A afterward. The film was originally premiered in Phnom Penh, and many of the people the film covers were in attendance, and they held an impromptu jam session that went late into the night. One band is even having a reunion tour on the US East Coast that should not be missed.

I cried several times at this film. Like no other experience I’ve had, it put a face to the suffering wrought by the events surrounding the Khmer Rouge. And for me the effect transcended this specific tragedy, and speaks to the scope of the beauty and happiness we destroy when freedom and life are systematically taken away.


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