Dream 396: Self-Conscious

05.24.2015 § Leave a comment

Wait to find out which brand of hiking it was.

I’ve found an old recording of Dinesh and Shane from a birthday party of mine I held at a super fancy pool. Shane is berating me for something awful I’ve just done. In the next shot Shane is gone, implied to have given up reasoning with me and stormed off in anger. Dinesh prefers to argue with me about the merits of my actions.

In present day I’m riding in a car with Dinesh driving, Shane passenger-side, myself behind Shane, and Shirley sitting next to me in the backseat. I bring up the recording as we’re approaching our destination. I’m trying to show off for Shirley under the guise of apologizing to Dinesh and Shane. However I don’t have the balls to simply state what it was we were arguing about in the first place (Shirley being the only person here who doesn’t know); I’m trying to cover it up as suspense-building but it comes across more as shy, and then since we arrive before I finish it ends up being more frustrating than anything.

What it was was that I was getting an underwater blowjob from some girl at the party. Apparently some people believe that if I were to have ejaculated, even in her mouth, it would have been worse than peeing in the pool.

The bedroom I’m staying in at the building with the pool is that cheesy 1980’s bright white glowy type of minimalist futuristic aesthetic. There’s a barely discernible keyboard on one windowsill (black keys are like 5% grey) and is directly connected into invisible surround sound.

Tool’s new album is called One, and I have a chance to win it at this film premiere!

A female friend and I show up at a party together and soon bump into two of our female friends and begin to greet with hugs. Unfortunately awkwardly, the one of these two whom I’m interested in is the one I hug second, because the girl I showed up with hugs her before I can and so I have to hug the other girl first.


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