Film Micrœview #201: Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

05.28.2015 § Leave a comment

Screenshot from 2015-05-28 23:12:10

Rating: Bad.

The plot to this movie is as chaotic as the action sequences should have been.

The inclusion of Sydney at the end ruins it for me.

The climax was about… what? Tina Turner trying to get Master back, but when some random kids and pilot escape with him, she’s just like whatever? What?

Max is a much more interesting character when he’s dubiously moral, more focused on survival. He’s too magnanimous here, and then at turns cartoony.

The one thing I liked was that frame on a pole that the jungle girl had for storytelling with on the cave etchings – I thought that was evocative of a civilization with a legacy of screen technology but no understanding of it. Oh well, and also that 7/4 post-apocalyptic industrial world jazz jam wasn’t bad, nor the way it was introduced piecemeal (first percussion only, then sax after visiting the boss’s room and meeting the sax guy).


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