Dream 397: Metafail

06.02.2015 § Leave a comment

I’m re-experiencing the scene from The Wolf of Wall Street where DiCaprio’s character is trying to cover up / avoid / explain away the evidence of the other woman he slept with last night in his mansion instead of his wife, when they tumble over each other into a side room trying to have sex but the wife’s eyes lock on something in terror and it’s not evidence of his affair but rather a GIANT MOLD GROWING ALL ACROSS THE CEILING AND ONE WALL OF THE ROOM and DiCaprio shoves his wife out of the room so she can save herself and so he can battle the mold but then he realizes after he’s sealed himself inside with it that there’s nothing he can really do to fight it so he just walks out too.

The opening sequence to the new live-action Jetsons show.

I’ve woken up and am writing down the remaining stuff that happened in my dream. Combining it with the previous stuff sure does make for something particularly oneiric and amusing!


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