Dream 399: Pecjob

06.14.2015 § Leave a comment

I’ve committed a murder. Time for my getaway, in Karin’s mom’s SUV. I have to keep reminding myself that it’s easy to get desensitized in this place, but this one was real and I’d better take it seriously. No one has caught me in the act, as I’m speeding away and there’s no commotion. But the least I can do is get rid of all the evidence, including the shattered glass stuck to the blank tramp stamp of some blond bimbo which I am somehow buffing off without hurting her. I have to yell at someone licking their fingers to get at the tiniest glass particles in the grout of the sidewalk — they’re grinding it down in there — can’t leave a TRACE!

A floating animated anthropomorphic African American wine cork glowing green begins a song and dance about one of my Fun Musical Ideas. As the camera zooms out, it reveals clones of him, floating in a grid shaped like a diamond with him at the top. The song goes “Remember it’s a panorama not a pattern,” the meaning being that his copies don’t do the exact same thing but variants on it.

At the rickety old river dock Cookie Monster sits with a ginger girl, her white complexion blown out in soft focus, with rays of sun peeking through the willows, becoming dazzling glitters on the water. She leans in for a kiss with a large ball of vacuum lint in her mouth. When Cookie Monster accepts the kiss, however, he is revolted to find that the lint ball has become a white chicken egg. He barfs it out into the water with a “plunk” and then makes the oddest expression I’ve ever seen him make.

I’m late now for a study group which I myself organized but had completely forgotten about! I toss my shit in the side bedroom, only to find that my new neon orange plaid bed sheet matches the neon orange plaid framed picture hanging on the wall! Well, it doesn’t exactly match — in fact, it’s kind of just off enough, just slightly too yellow of a neon orange that it’s actually painful — but I pretend it’s an upgrade. I even joke to Karin that this could become the start of a nice theme for the room — it’s goes nicely with the pastel pink paint job. Nothing else is in there or on the walls.

On stage now, everything goes suspensefully silent for a dramatic ten seconds. Then, Karin and I learn that our team has won the murder game! I remember that there was a 3 minute time limit to kill each time, but I can barely remember which of the two teams I was on — and I wonder how many other people here, given the sparseness of our instructions, are just as uncertain about that as I am. I mean, when they announce that “Team Serical Assyria” wins, it’s more of just a like “that rings a bell” sort of feeling than a “yes woo hoo we won!” Karin and I get into a disagreement over whether the evil robot leader was Serical Assyria’s creation or independent.


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