Film Micrœview #203: Tampopo (1985)

06.23.2015 § Leave a comment


Rating: Dr. Pepper.

Just gets better and better. I still laugh, cringe, and tear up. A friend once described it as the only film one would ever need – an astute description, considering how many genres it covers. It’s a celebration of cinema, as much as it is one of food, and how both interconnect anyone and everyone.

Deeper depths to mine in its original storytelling style, the tangential episodes covering emotional and structural beats of the central plot. The fading out of the final fanfare not just once but twice contributes to it feeling alive, never-ending, even as it sandwiches the reflexive murder / final film flashing before his eyes, even as it scores the dissembling team trope; it’s more than open-ended whether Tampopo and Goro share a life, or Tampopo and Piskin, or neither. Also there’s some seriously messed up sexual messaging happening in the doubly-doubled sequence of egg-share, oyster-bite, abscess, no-sweets-kid.


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