Dream 401: Being Babpo Babpo

06.27.2015 § Leave a comment

I am Karin, in a work meeting.

Karin and I are at DisneyLand, looking for the Mario ride. Karin identifies a line of people as the end of the line to the Mario ride. I ask if she’s sure, since the line comes out of an unmarked door on an unmarked, giant, grey-green-blue stocky cylindrical construct that this alley of shops and stuff is arranged around, but she says yes she’s sure — it always gets this backed up and spreads back to here. Also, the line is weirdly sparse: people stand in their clusters of 2 to 4 family or friends, however they give each other, like, 10 yards of space.

Karin and I need versions of each of these photos of her cousin for our records. Without questioning it I’m taking each of them, one by one. But I get to this one photo and it’s just her cousin in a white dress with black polka dots, and why would we need a version of this? This doesn’t document one of her accomplishments. Kind of weird actually, so I say we’re done.

Karin gets off the phone, upset. Turns out that lady is pursuing allegations after all for the gate placement. She is suing.

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