Film Micrœview #205: Teen Wolf (1985)

06.30.2015 § Leave a comment

Rating: Good.

Sure, it’s no timeless work of art, but it’s much better than it likely would have been were it made today. (Oh wait, aren’t they rebooting this?)

Characters were remarkably multi-faceted. The love interest wasn’t the popular beautiful cheerleader dating the like main football guy, but actually kind of a weirdo, sitting alone often, dating an outsider, acting in a play no one wants to see. The sidekick girl who’s the real love interest in the end was seen just enough having her own life independent of her function in relation to the protagonist. The goon sidekick character shows up to a party with a keg only for it to be unneeded, but then in the next moment is shown leading some raucous game at the party – modern audiences, I suspect, producers would not have faith in their ability to appreciate characters being in-between losers and winners!

The vice principle looked like vice president Biden, and the main villain dude looked like a dumb muppet (his grumpy expressions were amazing, and he even got to say “this isn’t over… not by a long shot!”)

I expected this film would be simplistic, about puberty only, but it has a lot to say about finding one’s identity, rebellion, small town American life, etc. The werewolf changing could have been merely an analogy for controlling erections, e.g., but that is overcome almost immediately, and the movie moves on to deeper depths. I would give this movie a “good” rating perhaps even only for the breakout scene when his second form goes public for the first time… amazing honing of suspense and energy, and I totally didn’t see his acceptance (by himself and others) coming! (Nor had I seen his dad’s story coming)

Plus the opening shot is certainly a reference to the famous opening shot of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly!


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