Dream 405: This is what I am doing with this space

07.25.2015 § Leave a comment

We’re putting on a play. Jon Hamm returns from the Pacific theater; living outside a gas station, he sees a speech by Christian Bale, which brings out his insanity, but also perhaps one day his redemption. Clean cut before, Hamm turns wild and wooly after his change.

A woman with an eating disorder has gotten a tattoo on her bony back reading “this is what I am doing with this space”. I approve (indirectly, to her friend telling me about it, while she stands a little away around a corner at a party). I ask her which font it’s in and to both of our surprise she hadn’t ever thought about that.

Driving through the parched Cali hills. Super rich folks’ houses. Mark owns one. One I see has an entrance shaped like a squatting frog. Another has a giant entertainment room or something that is shaped like a rectangular getting wider as it rises like three floors high, mostly glass.

Riding the bus at night through San Francisco to go see Shane. The gay club on this tiny cross street on the other side of the diagonal intersection (though I’d assumed it was on the South side) has gone out of business. The digital coordination between the bus’s pull and the crosswalks is super in advance — up to 60 mph as we’re driving through them.

Just getting home, I’m finishing the dishes, pulling them out of the run dishwasher. The grooves along the top-facing rim of this one place are full of crusted hamburger. An entire upside-down cake tray thing full of deep dish pizza has spilled into the dishwasher.
Have I only imagined that I have a 9am jogging appointment with my dad, sister, and this strange tattooed woman? Or did I just imagine this recent altercation? I’ll have to ask her to repeat what I’ve done wrong.

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