Film Micrœview #216: El Topo (1970)

07.25.2015 § Leave a comment

Rating: Dr. Pepper.

I would love to do a shot-by-shot analysis of this film one day. I wish to be more and more deeply influenced by it.

I found a fantastic essay by a fellow named Gorcin Dizdar which I will quote from: “El Topo is not a movie about individuals, but about the metaphysical order to which the mind is subjected. … The literal cruelty shown in the movie is just a method for the perpetration of a more profound cruelty, namely that carried out on the viewer by the work of art. The metaphysical principle of perpetual flux, accompanied by constant destruction and creation, is the theoretical background to Jodorowsky’s filmic theodicy… What Artaud and Jodorowsky share is an earnest admission of their limitations for political actions as individuals, combined with an insistence on the mutual independence of art and politics. The purpose of art is to help the individual to achieve a more enlightened state, while politics concerns itself with thematerial aspects of man’s existence – these two ambitions can, but do not necessarily overlap.”



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