Dream 409: A Pouggie World

08.22.2015 § Leave a comment

In a grocery store parking lot, I’ve broken my headphones while trying to untangle them. Despondently I try to squeeze the plastic and wire back together. I test it out with Metallica’s Master of Puppets, and actually it sounds even cooler this way! Vince drives by with Karin in the backseat, window rolled down, looking at me — I make a sad face at her about the broken phones as she passes — no words exchanged, but she returns the sad face. I’ll probably go back inside the store and get some tape to hold them in this position that barely works.

A new trend is emerging. Someone has posted online and it’s reached critical mass. They’ve included easy-to-follow instructions on how to go to your Facebook profile pic and rotate it 180 degrees so you can see the back of your head instead of the face. It’s being called your “Sunset Image.” I think about how I of course knew how to do this for a while but didn’t think it was such a big deal that it could become a meme, and remark to myself about why is it such a big deal. Across the room, Vince asks Karin what she’s going to flourish her Sunset Image with. I shout at them that it might be a good idea to Photoshop in a face looking at the now unseen front of the face — it would be a cool Magritte/Velasquez kind of trick, suggesting that whenever one had been looking at the pic before one had been this person. Neither Karin nor Vince respond, though, so I turn my attention to the conversation happening nearer to me.

I’m laying on Vince’s bed with Hannah and an abstract other man. Hannah is talking about her new book and how she’s afraid of doing it too conservatively. I say how books as a medium are inherently conservative in their one to many, non-conversational, ancient aspects; she seems lukewarm about these points. I feel between two conversations now. I start to wonder if it’s a big deal that I’m totally naked, either to her, Vince, or Karin (for various reasons) — but maybe this is just normal for a druggy wind-down to a night. That “Walk with me, walk with me, walk with me SWERVE! walk with me SWERVE!” song is playing.

The next Star Wars movie will begin much better, more excitingly, thankfully: with a crash landing.


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