Film Micrœview #235: Terminator: Genisys (2015)

09.13.2015 § Leave a comment

Terminator Genisys

Rating: Bad.

This never would have happened if they had just backed Skynet up on the cloud…

I commend the writers for not losing sight of the fact that the Terminator series is not about robots versus humans, but a metaphor for fate versus the will. That is the drama between machine and man. That said, dialog and plot wise, this is horribly written (from dick jokes to excessive exposition). Uninspiring, muddy. Some interesting moments here and there about the mind needing choice sometimes and other times needing faith for courage, and at least they used the cool original 13/8 version of the theme throughout (and even had some droopy glissandos harkening to what was cool about the T2 score). But overall just plot holes punching each other, this time with more technomagical quantumlectric bullshit (also shittier versions of good guy Arnold humor and way too much smiles and no classic biker bar scene type stuff). I got to hand it to them though: they did find a way to embrace multiverse theory while still accounting for common currents through them, transferring the fate vs will battle onto memory vs inevitability; I suppose this is what drew Arnold to heap such hyping praise upon the film, but throw in the after-credits marketing ploy, and I realize it’s time for me to check out.

Look to Ex Machina for a legit use of “our tablets and social networks and search engines are going to kill us” material.

The only thing they got right about the Bay Area was the traffic.

Too many throwaway characters literally thrown away, and action moments there just to be there.

ALSO what the fuck with making not just one but two black guys in charge of creating the force that risks destroying humanity? It’s fine as a random casting in T2, but a pattern? Adding insult to injury that black people can barely get funding in the first place? This is really disturbing and frustrating.


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