Dream 413: Zeal

09.23.2015 § Leave a comment

Living in a co-op back at Stanford, a Russian resident has added this huge DVD collection of an old British TV show to the shelves. I pop one of the earlier, single-DVD boxes open and put it in.

It appears to be a surreal, Borgesian or Gilliamesque police state, circa World War I, maybe kind of diesel punk. I’ve paratrooped down onto a sprawling, lush green yard with an adult-sized jungle gym on it. The property owner seems like he would want me out of here so I rush into town, where I learn that I am in a stylized New Zealand, during the period when the US, the UK, and the UAE were the three main forces squabbling over control of it, and exerting their cultural influence in various nefarious ways.

I come across a cafe with a tiny Maori woman as host. She runs to fetch her camera to snap a photo of an old woman diner. It’s for some photo contest. She scares the woman off — she flees, abandoning her food. When the woman comes back later, the host seems not to recognize her. I’m concerned her obliviousness might be read as callousness to the bravery it must have taken for this old woman to return for her food.

Back in the co-op entertainment room, Tristan and an unseen person are playing a beat ’em up video game. It’s exciting, though extremely pixelated, more pixelated than any real game ever was. And it’s dim, like a Mario Bros 1 castle, with pale, white fire astrally projected outside the players’ souls only to light the way. I discover that the first floor of our co-op continues into this video game world, though, again, in real life it’s not pixelated as much, or at all, really. After spending some time in there, I hurry back. I can see Trina through a wall portal in the distance and call out to her.

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