Dream 414: Big Frog

09.26.2015 § Leave a comment

My VR game isn’t working.
It’s a nightmarish glimpse of the future of EDM: attention spans are so short that the music mixes between artists’ tracks every 3 seconds β€” just long enough to identify the producer, a sound byte, then it moves on. But there’s still a lack of variety as the music is all about the same and they’re just cycling through like 5 different producers! It’s on a SoundCloud type visualizer so the icons of the producers pop up as the bits of songs fly by. One of them has a yellow flag with a grid of green rectangles which are individually rotated 30 degrees, alternating which lean but randomly by which amount so that it creates a kind of organic look, not exactly diamonds or swastikas. The most popular artist, who remixes Bon Jovi, is named Big Frog, and his logo is a man in a giant anthropomorphic frog suit, that is blue with green abs and pecs, kind of like a Battletoad, and is totally swoll and amped up. I understand this to be a total co-opting of an existing brand, for like car tires or something, and I wonder how all of these artists can get away such rippings-off!
I dip our big metal non-slotted spoon into a clean trashcan full of lasagna before I figure out a place I can put the lasagna on to eat it, thus unnecessarily dirtying the spoon, angering Karin.

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