Film Micrœview #236: Inside Out (2015)

09.26.2015 § Leave a comment

Rating: Good.

Expertly crafted… animation verging on the photo-realistic now (not in terms of humans, I mean, just in terms of physics/textures/light). And I was moved to tears at several times, most notably when Bobo the imaginary childhood friend sacrifices himself to save the person’s happiness itself from being forgotten forever – there is something mysterious and profound about this moment that I can’t quite explain and have no intention to try much harder to. There were many more obvious references to psychological processes throughout which I appreciated for being non-distorting. I feel this film will have value for many annoyingly new-agey California idealist types who believe everything is solved when you follow your bliss; I hope that in watching this film more people will appreciate the constructiveness of negativity.


That said, story-wise, the film was over-crafted… the rigid formulaic structure made it more difficult for me to accept. And despite the proliferation of strange devices and multi-tiered narrative, the story and message were disappointingly simple: most feelings were supporting characters; even Sadness, the second most important character, had no real narrative arc, and this was really just Happiness’s story.


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