Film Micrœview #239: Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)

09.27.2015 § Leave a comment

Inside Llewyn Davis

Rating: Good.

Echoes of OB,WAT? in the guitar music, Homerian references, John Goodman, being a period piece, and featuring a long journey. But also tapping into the sardonic, naturalistic vibe of other Coen Bros. fare like A Serious Man. Mystery abounds, loose ends, loose structure, vague metaphors. Ending raises as many questions as it answers. Occasionally feel like too much folk and not enough laughs.

Also amusing to see Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac in the same film together – I’m sure things will be much different between them than jamming and crashing on couches in Episode VII! (Oscar Isaac, in the second film of his I’ve seen [the first was Ex Machina] continues to impress).

Also, what’s up with the character named “Johnny Five”? A reference to Short Circuit? Or is Short Circuit referencing the same thing this is referencing that I’m not catching?


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