My 2^10th Post

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Hello, readers!

Today I am celebrating my 210th (1024th) post (this is it, this post itself) with some numbers and charts.



My first post was on September 8th, 2007, just over 8 years (or 2925 days) ago. That’s ~0.35 posts a day, or just over one every three days on average.


2years, 210 posts. That’s approximately 2(128) posts a year. My most active year was last year with 298 posts. I doubt I’ll beat that number this year.

Posts by category

If you total these columns you’ll come up with a number > 1024 since some of my posts are cross-category. But this’ll still give you a good sense of what this blog consists of:


I have 263 more drafts of posts already in the works!

(The reason why I’m past Dream #400 but have less than 400 represented here is that I chose not to share some of them…)

I have decided to cease work on the Dougtionary, however. I do not feel like I can keep up with the pace of coining a new word each week, at least not without the quality going down. I am considering packaging the Dougtionary as it stands now, with 227 words, in some form of some kind.

My main short term focus from here is going to be on explaining my thought leadership in the virtual reality cinema community.



I’m averaging 20 views per day in 2015 at this point, which is up from 18 last year, so I’ll probably hit a new yearly record!

That’s 21288 total views, for an overall average of 7.28 a day since the beginning.

Most Popular Posts

The most popular place on my blog, by far, of course, is the landing page. More people visit there than my top two posts otherwise, combined:


I’m frustrated with the popularity of my “pages” (as opposed to posts), which I left off this list. These are the tabs on the left side of the home page under the site title that give overall info on my various interests. I don’t find them particularly useful and wish more people would go for the analogous links in my Archives to the right, so that if they were interested in what I had to say on Music, for example, they’d be taken directly to recent posts themselves.

I think it’s interesting to see that nearly every category on my blog has some representation in this top 10. Only my category with the most posts, Dreams, and the category with the least, Virtual Reality, are absent. You don’t have to look too much further down the rankings, though, to find representation there, though: my post about Opture which I would really like to see circulated more, and a dream I titled Darth Vader Porn which I imagine causes the most disappointment in visitors who stumble across my site through search engine results.


I’m particular interested in stats on the films I’ve been watching and reviewing.

I began sharing film reviews on September 8th, 2013, on the 6th anniversary of starting my blog. Since then, I have reviewed a total of 245 films. That’s ~0.32 film reviews a day, just under the rate of posts in general since the very beginning. A real film critic would shoot for at least 3 films a day, not one every 3 days (yes, I review every single film I watch, however short the review comes out [I do call them micrœviews!]).


I’m not surprised to see that nearly half of the films I’ve watched I’ve given a Good rating. Obviously, I prefer to watch good movies and feel like I’m pretty good at determining which are likely to be worth my time. That said, I’m also a pretty understanding Film & Media Studies graduate and give a wider range of films credit where others might not? Also, I rewatch a lot of movies that I know I like; of the 245 above, 37 were rewatches, which incidentally is exactly the number of both Dr. Pepper and Bad ratings I gave out.




I’m pretty sure that this trend toward more recent movies getting rated worse is less a “they don’t make ’em like they used to” effect and more that I only choose to watch films that stand the test of time, so naturally the older a movie is the more time that has tested it.

I admit I was surprised to see that over half of the films I watched in the last 2+ years were American. I think back in my student days I was little more international. I still feel like I’m catching up on world historical & art cinema, but I have started leaning back towards modern contemporary movies I suppose. That said, of the 11 movies I rated Evil, 10 of those were American…

Some other fun facts:

  • I didn’t like a single one of the eight American movies I saw in 2010 and 2011: 6 Bads and 2 Evils!
  • The country other than the U.S.A. whose films I watch the most is Japan, which is also the country which views my blog the most after the U.S.A. I haven’t rated a single Japanese movie worse than Shrug. Maybe I’m biased?
  • Hungary, Thailand, Cambodia, Sweden, Russia, Japan, and France are the countries with my best success rates. Korea, Hong Kong, Canada, Iran, Greece, the UK and the US have my worst.

Alright, that’s all I’ve got for now. Be seeing you!


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