Dream 418: Math City, Egypt

10.24.2015 § Leave a comment

Karin and I are traveling in Cairo, Egypt, looking for somewhere else to check out. The Egyptian peninsula looks more or less like the San Francisco one, flipped horizontally. As I scroll down the map, the 3D relief effect is revealed to be sillily lo-fi: the highest elevation determines the apparent speed of motion (relative to mine) as in layers of different flat things of different distances from me, so this one grid square with a mountain on it, even its lowlands move separately from the lowlands they’re attached to in reality along these imaginary straight edges.

I find a Math City a bit down the coast, so we head there. It looks like there is a city build literally on top of a volcanic crater of an already very tall mountain — seems interesting.

When we get there we realize that the city is rather 2D. That is, it’s not sprawling in all directions, but just a single strip, along one road. Well, we’ll say three. Imagine the grade is going up, but staggeredly so, and then eventually just reaches max height and suddenly cliff drops to sea level. Well, this is on the left and right, and through the center is a flat road. So the buildings are just like placed on these giant geographical steps. I realize it feels a lot like Tokyo but much flatter or creepier in some way, and eventually figure out that this is because the city is completely devoid of LIGHTS.

Karin and I leave one building from the fourth floor, at least, we’re about to when we realize we left our shoes back on the sixth and have to go back up and get them.


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