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A new medium is born in virtual reality: mulsure.

The word mulsure comes from the Latin mulceo, to stroke: to stroke as one would with a pencil while sketching, but also to stroke as one would across the surfaces of a non-flat form while sculpting.

Mulsure is only possible in VR, but it is different from simply sketching in VR or sculpting in VR.

In a sense it is a cross between the two forms. It is volumetric like sculpture, but consisting of loose, open, discontinuous lines like a sketch.

While to sketch is to impressionistically lay down a rough evocation of forms on a 2D surface, to mulse is to do in three dimensions.

While to sculpt is to mold up or chisel down material into a solid 3D form, to mulse is to form hollowly by tracing the surfaces alone, scrubbing floating invisible objects into being in the air.

The product of mulsion can easily be exported to the physical world using 3D printing. Nothing can be created through mulsing that couldn’t have been created directly in the physical world, as the results could be recreated with twisted wire meshes, tattered paper, charcoal suspended in glass, etc. However, saying this is akin to the statement that monkeys on typewriters would eventually pound out Shakespeare: being able to sweep ones arm in majestic arcs through space, to scribble and hash and shade in space, to produce forms with no limitations on the speed of thought or freedom of movement, will enable a never before seen style of creativity, generating forms no sculptor limited by physical rules could come up with in a finite period of time.

Oculus Medium is sculpture in VR. TiltBrush is mulsure. Watch Glen Keane mulse.

(One could also use the silly word sckeulptch by smooshing the words sketch and sculpt together.)

For more VR Vocab, check out this video:

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    Oculus Story Studio’s “Dear Angelica” animates works made with their take on Tilt Brush, called Quill, and thus qualifies as “animulsure”!


    Although actually upon release, it is revealed that Dear Angelica is not truly mulsure. The moving aspect is not a succession of different animation frames, but a mere replaying of the recording of producing single frames at a time, an effect which comes for free in mulsure environments.

    However, recently Oculus teased upcoming animation tools for Quill, which the inimitable Goro Fujita demonstrates here: Amaze!

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