Dream 420: Like Trying to Learn through a Volcanic Eruption

11.07.2015 § Leave a comment

Looking out from our balcony across Japan we can see Mt. Fuji in the background, and its nearby still active neighbor. The neighbor erupts! Less fiery or smoky than more or less instantly there is a huge barf of several-stories-seeming-thick magma, nearly black and hardened. A moment of terror, assuming it may be already too late for us right in its path of destruction to flee. Out in the street, firemen are hosing down the noticeably thinner and red-hot edges, slowing them to a halt just a block or two away from us.

I can’t understand our professor. The feeling seems to be that the material was challenging, sure, but I would have done fine in the class if I could understand folks’ attempts to communicate effortlessly. The professor seems to asks me which of three types of misunderstanding was I experiencing but I’m not sure if I get this right. The message seems to blink epileptically between white writing on black and black writing on white, so that my eyes go all unfocused and I can’t read and can only stammer aloud. I feel like I’m listening to the professor while we run between trenches in the middle of World War I barraged by tank and automatic rifle fire, and I can only hear him at all if I crouch to an extremely specific height as I barrel after him through the chaos. Simultaneously another student in the class is trying to yell in my ear about how patient and considerate and fatherly and such this professor is for giving me such individual attention, you know, no kid left behind sort of thing.


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